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What is the difference between a Wireless/Wirefree and a Wired alarm system?

A Wired alarm system has cables connecting all the detection devices back to your control panel. This involves cables run around your house from each point. Most new houses have alarm cables already installed during construction. Wireless detectors contain batteries and transmitters inside the sensors and enable them to send signals by radio-wave back to your control panel. This eliminates the need for cables and makes for a tidier installation. Batteries last about 4 years and are monitored by the control panel.

What are the benefits of having my alarm connected to a 24hr Monitoring Centre?

A. People do not pay any attention to bells/sirens. How many times have you walked past a premises with the alarm ringing – would you go in around the garden and check for a break-in? NO! – Unfortunately people have a mindset that if they were seen, they could be mistaken for the Burglar. Therefore no-one puts any pass on a Siren. Connection to a 24hr Monitoring centre, means you or your neighbours will be contacted immediately, along with the Gardai if necessary. This reduces the risk of injury to your Keyholders and your property, and the possibility of arriving home to find your home ransacked.

How long does an average installation take?

A. The majority of installations from start to finish take approx 1 day. This can vary however, depending on the size of your system. We always leave your premises as we found it, removing all dirt & dust etc. afterwards.

Are there any ongoing costs involved?

LA. If we connect your alarm to a 24hr Monitoring Service, a small subscription is payable which works out at approx .40c per day – a small price to pay for peace of mind. All our systems carry a full 12-month warranty. After the initial 12-months, we have an optional Service Contract, which costs approx .35c per day. This insures you against call-out charges and also enables you to avail of our 24hr-callout facilities.

What areas do you cover?

A. Our domestic/residential services are confined to The South-East area, as this enables us to provide a prompt Callout service to our customers – However we offer a commercial service nationwide to our corporate clients and are often the ‘preferred supplier’ to some major Retail chains.

Why can't I get a quote online or over the phone?

A. An alarm is a big investment. Would you buy a car over the phone? – not all ‘Ford Mondeos’ are the same – some have higher mileage, others require work done etc. Likewise, every house is different – even if the cables are installed during construction, it may be the incorrect type of cable, or a window may have been missed etc. – therefore in order for our quotation to be accurate & precise (with no hidden extras afterwards), we prefer to meet you and discuss your requirements on site. That way, we can highlight any irregularities or security risks you may not have considered.

If I decide to buy, how long must I wait?

A. We generally try and turn around systems in about one week. However during busy periods, sometimes this can extend to two weeks. We will always keep you informed and call to remind you of your agreed installation date a few days beforehand.

How do arrange payment?

A. We accept Cash, Cheque (with Bankers card) or Bank Draft. Domestic systems are sold subject to COD (Cash on delivery).

How often should my alarm be serviced?

A. It is recommended that your alarm system be serviced once every six months. The cost of such services is covered under our Service Contract agreement. However for customers who opt not to take out a service contract, we would recommend a MINIMUM of once a year. A small charge is payable for this.

Do I get a discount off my Home Insurance?

A. Yes. After each installation, we issue you with an ‘EN50131 Completion Certificate’. There are two copies of this certificate. You retain the white copy and give the pink copy to your Insurer. Most insurers offer 10% discount off your annual premium on production of such certificate – however this may vary from company to company.

I already have an alarm system - can you take over the maintenance of it?

A. In most cases, yes. However, some systems are ‘locked out’ (special code, NOT your user code) by some companies at installation. This is rare – however in such cases we would have to upgrade/replace your control panel. All our systems must conform to EN50131 (current quality standards) as part of our operating Licence – therefore it may be necessary to replace some/all of the components of the system if they do not meet this standard.

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